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Why The Dallas Stars?

The Dallas Stars organization represents world class professional athletes, trainers, facility and staff that works hand and hand with Operation Backbone to support and the most elite special forces and Special Ops soldiers around the world who have sustained life and family damage that in some cases may never end.  

The Function of the Stars / Backbone

The soul function of the training is to put the team back into the individual. Its a designed path created and dedicated to show the individual soldiers that they can not continue to Operate alone anymore successfully. They need a team, and the team they have is there family. The Physical and mental path is provided by the Stars, the result is up to the soldier.

The Vision of What We Are Trying to Express on Tape

Telling a young NHL player in his prime that he's no longer needed can be a hard thing, its the exact same thing as telling a fighter pilot or Navy Seal that he is needed, and as of now now longer part of the team. This can be devastating emotionally, physically, financially and most importantly, the core of your being is taken from you in a instant. Your family then fills in your the gap of pain and misery as long as they can - that's why Backbone works with the Dallas Stars, to get the soldiers / the Stars back on the correct path in life, personally and professionally.



Hear from the President of the Dallas Stars, Jim Lites discuss the Operation Backbone Surgical Training Camp, ownership views, and the team agenda moving forward with Operation Backbone.


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Backbone & Dallas Stars, pre & post-surgical training camp.. during the pre-game press conference,the team getting ready, helping load up the truck with equipment, our soldier's keep training.