Wire Rope Exchange Article


Mike Sformo is the founder and CEO of Operation Backbone—a non-profit organization serving as a medical care substitute for active-duty men and women, as well as veterans, who are struggling within the current system to find surgical treatment for brain and spine injuries. The U.S. Navy and Gulf War veteran has worked in submarine welding, wire rope, and radio. But now he solves problems for American military service members across the country and around the world.

- Wire Rope Exchange International Sales Magazine

Operation Backbone & Madison Square Garden Studio Productions


Filming commercial spots for Operation Backbone (MSG) Madison Square Garden studio productions New York City. Thank you to MSG and crew!

- Mike Sformo, CEO

State College Article


"There is much more to Operation Backbone than paying bills. According to Sformo, it is about helping military veterans and their families overcome crippling injuries and the drug addiction and depression that sometimes come with them." 

Chris Morelli, State College Press

Operation Backbone: Fresh Air in a Cynical World



"Politics is cynical and weird. It is often far removed from the finer choices people make every day: to be good parents, do the right thing by their communities, serve their country, sometimes even to disability and death. So when politics intersects with individuals making those choices — as it did with the not-too-distant discussion over the shortcomings of the Veterans Affairs Administration and how well they were, or were not, caring for our veterans — it’s sometimes hard to see the light."



Late night brief Boston surgical review

Last minute medical briefings, surgical times, and multiple locations around the US.

Brief on Special Forces soldier - Buffalo, NY.