Global impact

While your own home may be located in Los Angeles or Pittsburgh, Denver or De Moines or little towns like Corfu, NY or Arnett, OK - our soldiers have to pick up and move many times throughout their military careers. They are scattered throughout the 50 states and locations around the world. So for many, Operation Backbone is home base, and therefore, it's each soldier's home and living room, wherever that may be. 

We operate on both a local and global scale. So wherever you call home, your donations and support travel globally, from the seven seas, on aircraft carriers and small tugs, from below sea level to +60,000 feet above, from the soils of the U.S. to continents worldwide.  

Your contribution keeps the mission moving, and allows us to utilize experts wherever they may call home to ensure the best care for our solders and families, wherever they may be. We thank you.