the Conception of operation backbone

Why Was Operation Backbone Created?

"Operation Backbone was created out of my simple request: a $127.00 bill was supposed to be paid by the VA after I injured my neck (in a non-military related injury). Once I realized how frustrating the process was for the entire family, I realized, right there and then, I needed to be part of the solution and began developing a simple but sophisticated worldwide, streamlined alternative for cases that demand the most advanced imaging and consulting services available, services that reach out (and don’t wait for) advances in software, technology, and talented hands and minds to provide the best and latest medical care promptly and properly delivered." - Mike, Founder & CEO


Mike's Original Injury Report 

He was experiencing a relentless upper back pain, no radicular symptoms, no pain with breathing, but he was really uncomfortable and couldn’t fully straighten up his upper back, so he was a little flexed looking.  His examination didn’t show bruising over the upper thoracic area, but he had the expected upper-thoracic spinous tenderness and spasm into the neck. The levator scapulae muscles were extremely spasmed, as were the rhomboid muscles.  There was prominent upper thoracic fixation, such that extension was restricted during motion palpation.  The good news was there were no symptoms or examination evidence of radiculopathy. I might code this as a Thoracic sprain, but the essential feature of Mike’s injury was that of an acute thoracic subluxation.

Posterior to Anterior thoracic adjustment couldn’t have been any more dramatic: 80% pain relief immediately upon arising from the table. Cross fiber trigger point work, while painful, relieved his spasms quite nicely.