A note from the ceo


"From the shores of D-Day to the mountains of Afghanistan, our military fought the harshest battles to ensure our freedoms. I have seen and felt their pride first hand, from my Navy days to today's wounded soldiers who served (and continue to serve) in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over this world.

Not everyone can serve their country in the military, but each of us can play a role in supporting our wounded soldiers who are far from home defending our freedom. I'm proud to be part of Operation Backbone. The talent and technology that Operation Backbone has channeled, is astounding. From the most advanced imaging machines to the medicines and tools employed by brain and spine surgeons, our efforts to secure cutting edge talent and technology is transformative.

From neurosurgeons who perform the most advanced brain and spine surgery in the world, nurses who maintain and support the entire soldier and family, post-rehab strength training and professional athletes who are actively seeking out Operation Backbone to participate, our organization is providing second to none advanced care for men and women around the world who deserve the best.

To be surrounded by such an amazing group of talent is awesome, but to be able to do my part to help provide a second chance for a soldier is awe-inspiring. It is America at its best."

Mike Sformo
Chairman of the Board, CEO & Founder
US NAVY Veteran, Gulf War
Eastern Shore, Maryland